Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ooh look look looook!

Hey folks! Just a quick update! Three things:
  • Chloe Tucker, awesome head of the International Programs at the CPGC, just sent me this interesting link about Haiti and tourism! As Chloe pointed out to me, they mention Jacmel a couple times. Check it out!
  • An online search and a few bookstore visits later, I may have found a bookstore that sells Haitian Creole language books! It's a French bookstore, so I'd be learning from French instead of from English, but it'll be way better than only learning through my little free-download program! It closes before I can get into Paris on a weekday, so I have to wait until the weekend... so hopefully I'll find what I need!
  • I saved the best for last: Yesterday, as I was waking up, I heard the janitors in the dorm hallway as usual, and one of them is often talking on the phone... I usually don't understand what she's saying, but this time I thought I picked out one of the Haitian Creole words I've been learning/practicing recently!! I wasn't dressed soon enough to go out and talk to her before she left, but this morning I made sure to be up in time. I went and chatted with her (in French, not Creole) and she's from somewhere else in the Caribbean - I actually have no idea what country she said, as it was the French name for one of the places in that area - but I told her I was going to Haiti this summer and she said the other janitor (a man who wasn't there this morning but will be tomorrow) IS from Haiti!! Ahh how cool!! Suddenly a native Haitian turns up on my doorstep! Maybe I can practice my Creole with him... (ha. I say "my Creole" as if I can speak it yet... although I can already say some basic things!) 
More updates to follow!! :D

P.S. In case anyone was lacking in inspiration this morning, here's a 12 minute special on Paul Farmer

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