Thursday, August 9, 2012

quick photo update

Turns out I'm pretty bad at a) taking tons of photos (I'd honestly rather just "live it") and b) coordinating the uploading of those photos from my camera with the posting of updates on my blog. I'll try to be better about integrating!

Joe (of "Kay Joe") showing us a briquette of coconut charcoal

Naptime! Baby Mara is on the left (the baby Sarah's helping care for until her mom is capable); Baby ______ (I forget her name!), Mona's littlest one, on the right (this is Dada and Franky's little sister). 
(If you forget who Mara is, I mentioned her here and here.)

More naptime! Baby Mara again - I've been spending quite a bit of time with her (i.e. helping take care of her). And next to her is Sarah's cat, Cat! He's a little guy but sooo cuddly and friendly.  

Hello, little lizard! I see these bright green guys all over the place!

Laundry day! The cute little girls in our neighbor's yard came out to help pick up laundry and started saying hello and calling up to us - "Blan! Blan!" - that's what foreigners (or "whites") are called in Haiti.

We had an "accidental spa" today - Sarah was curious to see whether her hair was long enough for French braids, so Danaelle was trying different hair-dos on her... and then Dada came over and started filing Sarah's toe nails... and then I handed her a cup of tea! She needed it too; the poor girl was tired! (We thought we might be able to convince Ziggy to come in and paint her nails, too, but then thought better of that... ha!)

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