Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quite simply... a Great Day in Haiti!

Despite the sad fact that Sarah is leaving tomorrow, today was just a slam-bang home-run of a day! (Sarah's going back to Canada and the States for a few weeks to visit family, do some OTP-repping, and hopefully spend some time at a midwifery conference. I might not see her again... until I someday return to Haiti...!!)

I knew that we'd be doing french toast for breakfast, since it was Sunday and Sarah's last day here for a while, so I got here in time to help cook the meal. To my surprise, when I arrived at Sarah's house, she was nowhere in sight and the girls were just hanging out, doing a little tidying up. Danaelle said Sarah was in the maternity center... for a delivery! Oh, exciting!

I headed next door to see if I had missed any of the fun, and... the baby's head was just about to crown! Yet the client had only been there for about an hour - she had misunderstood instructions, and waited until her water broke before she even called the clinic to say that she was in labor. Whoops. But she got here safely and delivered less than two hours after arriving, no complications or problems. It sure kept our jobs easy! She tried to look at what was going on down there, around the time that the baby's head started to be born, so I held a big mirror up so she could watch. She stayed surprisingly calm, although we had a pretty funny moment where she was moving her legs around in discomfort as she pushed, and momentarily tried to put one of her feet against Melinda's head for support! This client has sickle cell anemia, so we gave her oxygen during labor just in case (from our brand new oxygen tank, bought in the nick of time, only the day before!!), but it didn't seem to be a problem. :)

Another happy, successful birth out of the way, and it was only about 11am! Sarah and I came back to the house and cooked up a small mountain of french toast, along with a little make-shift homemade syrup to put on top. And what a tasty feast it was.

Sarah, me, Ninotte, Marita, and a new friend, Darlene

It wasn't long before we decided to go to the beach for a while, so we went and spent the first half of the afternoon swimming, hanging out with new and old friends (Marita finally came back!), and eating some of the best fish I've had since arriving here. The water today was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so clean and calm, I could have spent the entire day paddling around in it! (And this is coming from a girl who used to claim to dislike the beach/ocean.) We finished the day at church on the beach, which remains the most beautiful beach I've ever seen... so we did a little more swimming around before heading home in the evening.

This is my favorite of the kids at the beach who sell coconuts. His name sounds something like "Windy" and he's got the best spirit and best smile! He also happens to look a whole lot like my cousin Andrew did when he was younger...

It was, quite simply, an absolutely, utterly, wonderfully, Great Day in Haiti.

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