Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some... excitement... just down the street!

So I guess we're living in the ghetto! Well, not really. But we had some unwelcome excitement the other day, on our road.

We were all piling into the truck to go to the beach when... the truck wouldn't start. We all piled back out, and we were just milling about in the road next to the clinic, when we started to hear some people getting riled up down towards the intersection with the big main street. A small group of folks hurried past us, towards the noise, and a minute or two later, a much larger crowd went stomping and bouncing past in the opposite direction, bringing the ruckus with it.

A middle-aged woman was leading the charge, looking very serious and angry, and there were a couple of young 20-somethings (ladies) following, right near her. There was a big group of 15 or 20 people of all kinds following close behind, some angry, some excited and and looking anticipatory... We even heard a few laughs and whoops as the last stragglers passed by. This whole mass of people went down our dirt road a ways, far from the big intersection, and apparently the older woman and one of the young women had some kind of fight!

It was a very small amount of time before this whole crowd came flowing back to where it all started, because the fight started and ended very quickly. No one looked particularly worse-for-wear, but I guess someone had won... Other than those two, and their closest loyal support/allies, everyone was just very excited and having a grand old time! Our little group by the clinic hadn't budged from the spot, either to follow the crowd or to move away from it... we certainly weren't enjoying it as much as the rest of the locals.

One of Ziggy's many cousins stopped to chat and share all the details. It turns out that this was a love triangle quarrel of sorts! ...Yes, between a 20-something young lady and a middle-aged woman. They were fighting over a middle-aged man! Apparently, the man and woman are married, and have been for many years. The younger lady has recently started an affair with the man, which is what triggered this fight. (And apparently, this is far from the first time they've fought over this guy.) The real kicker is that this guy isn't really that great of a catch. He's not even employed, so he's been asking the younger woman for money that she works hard to earn, and then that money obviously goes into the wife's hands, too (because they're married)... and I guess that was the specific cause for this recent fight between the women.

...Really?? just... REALLY??? Both of these women are wasting their time on this no-good guy! And this is a common enough story, here in Haiti. Hooo boy.

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